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Power for 10X

Harness your superpowers (People, Process, and Data) to achieve the organization's ambitious goals.



Your workforce is your superpower for achieving extraordinary growth. Unlock people's true potential with Amoga by 'simplifying, gamifying, and orchestrating' work. Align all your superpowers to work with you towards a common goal.


A streamlined business process is very much integral to the growth and success of the company. It enables you to produce consistent results and scale up your operations as the organization expands. Unlock the power of automation and get real-time progress updates about your people's work through Amoga's auto-check-ins without leaving room for any kind of manual intervention. Align your people to your organization's process and connect them with the bigger picture.



Decisions backed by data promote growth and productivity. Keep your team aligned and the process streamlined with a single source of truth by integrating Amoga into all your work tools. Get surrounded by the right data and empower your team with data-driven decision-making.

Experience the power of low-code

Amoga enables you to design and develop custom applications with simple drag & drop without any coding. Our intuitive and fully customizable platform lets you simplify complex workflows.