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Build business apps in just a few hours

Create custom, and easy to use workflow applications with Amoga’s app studio.

Build business apps in just a few hours

Create custom, and easy to use workflow applications with Amoga’s app studio.

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Efficient development

Streamline the development process and save valuable time with our pre-built app templates and starter layouts. Our App studio offers library resources and UI elements, allowing you to design your app in just a few clicks.

Highly customizable​

Create apps that perfectly align with your brand identity and user preferences using our unique app studio features. Customize app layouts, colors, fonts, and functionalities to deliver a personalized user experience that truly represents your vision.

Collaborative building

Foster collaboration and enhance productivity by bringing everyone onto the same platform. Our platform enables multiple users to work simultaneously on the same application, share and reuse components, and collaborate on building complex workflows, thereby promoting cross-functional collaboration.

App Studio

Create your own app

Build high-quality, responsive apps with app studio.

  • Data Model & Schema Creation - Capture and store data in a unified place, monitor the data, and configure relationships among the data types.
  • Drag and Drop Form Generation - Create responsive forms in minutes with our simple form generation suite by adding various controls such as text box, image, etc., on the form.
  • Workboard - Configure the workboard and customize the desired view, fields, or layout directly within the app studio.
  • Application and Change Management - Simple and visual tool to manage all your Amoga applications. Track changes for each app and deploy with one click.
  • Metrics Engine and Analytics Dashboard - Define metrics and KPIs from your business apps, seamlessly adding them as widgets, charts, or pivot tables to the dashboard using our intuitive dashboard builder.
  • UI Studio - Create beautiful and functional interfaces for your application using our visual UI builder.

Automation Tools

Streamline your operations

Build custom workflows in minutes and seamlessly integrate 100+ tools into Amoga.

  • Workflow Engine - Create powerful enterprise workflows and automate repetitive, rule-based, or time-consuming tasks with the workflow engine.
  • Integrations - Connect your apps with third-party systems and applications and manage information from a single source of truth.

Data Security

Secure your valuable data

Secure your data by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information through the implementation of RBAC (Role-Based Access Control).

  • Permissions and Access - Easily create and assign roles to team members, and manage who has access to what resources and what areas they can access based on their role.
  • Audit Trail - Track and monitor all user activity to safeguard your app against security breaches and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements..
  • Security - Enable features like IP whitelisting, strong password policies, multi-factor authentication, and session timeouts to protect your system from unauthorized access.
  • Single Sign-On - Simplify the user experience by implementing SSO, allowing users to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials.

Experience faster time to build, design, and deploy apps with Amoga