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App Integration

Connect all your tools and work efficiently

With 100+ integrations available on Amoga, centralize all your workflows in one platform.

Integration - Hubspot


Manage leads, customer data, and tasks from Amoga by integrating HubSpot with Amoga. Connect everything to one place and close deals faster with automated workflows.
Integration - Salesforce


Deliver an amazing customer experience by integrating your favorite CRM tool with Amoga and drive seamless collaboration throughout the sales cycle - all in one place.
Integration - Teams

Microsoft Teams

Embed Amoga with your MS Team chats and experience a smooth conversation with your team without wasting time by juggling between apps.
Integration - Jira


Integrate Amoga with Jira, automatically sync your tasks, projects, and conversations, and manage everything from one tool without switching apps.
Integration - Outlook


Track, manage, or convert all your emails into actions from Amoga. Integrate your Outlook with Amoga and automatically trigger actions on Amoga created from Outlook.
Integration - Zapier


Instantly connect Zapier with Amoga and get access to dozens of tools available in Zapier. Automate work directly from Amoga and free up your time.
Integration - Slack


Connect Slack with Amoga and enjoy seamless task management in a single place. Track the work progress, assign tasks, share information, and update workflow directly from Amoga.‍

Google Calendar

Sync your Amoga tasks to your Google calendar and manage calls and tasks by never missing any deadlines.