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Sales CRM

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Supercharge sales performance with intuitive tools and actionable insights

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Lead Management

Lead Capture (from multiple channels viz. Call, Website, Social channels)

Capture leads from various channels like calls, websites, and social platforms. Utilize AI-powered chatbots to analyze lead data, assigning scores based on behaviors for prioritized handling. This streamlines sales focus on high-potential leads, enhancing efficiency in conversion efforts for the sales team.

Lead Scoring and Lead Segmentation

Automate lead scoring by analyzing activities and behaviors, enabling the prioritization of high-potential leads for sales. AI-driven dynamic segmentation segments leads based on real-time behavior, facilitating precise targeting for tailored marketing strategies, optimizing sales efforts and enhancing conversion potential.

Lead Distribution/ Lead Routing

Automatically assign leads to the right sales representatives based on predefined criteria like territory, expertise, or workload.

Lead Nurturing Workflows

Leverage automated workflows for lead nurturing, utilizing AI-driven systems to manage personalized email sequences, content recommendations, and follow-ups. This automation streamlines routine nurturing tasks, ensuring tailored interactions based on lead behavior, freeing up human resources for more strategic engagements in the nurturing process.

Lead Engagement

Track lead interactions across content and touchpoints to comprehend their interests. AI-driven chatbots engage leads in real-time conversations, offering guidance and information during the initial sales funnel stages. This monitoring and interactive engagement enhance understanding of lead needs, aiding in personalized interactions and targeted approaches.

Omnichannel Engagement

Engage leads across multiple channels, including email, phone, social media, and live chat, to maintain consistent engagement.

Integrate with a dialler system to streamline outbound calling and improve sales efficiency.  
    • On click calling
    • Log notes
    • Monitor call metrics
  • Audit call recording
responsive website
    • Engage leads by sending auto replies, creating bulk campaigns, tracking messages 1-1 across different channels.
    • Sync Email Inbox
responsive website
    • Connect your social media profiles—like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
    • Monitor conversation, respond in real time to posts
    • Set up automatic lead generation
    • Save all social media interactions with each contact
responsive website

Deal/ Opportunity Management

Create tailored sales processes for your company, emphasizing high-potential deals. Access crucial deal insights anytime, anywhere, boosting opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Field Sales Management

Mobile accessibility

A mobile app that allows sales reps to access lead information, update data, and manage tasks on the go, ensuring they have crucial information at their fingertips.

Team planning, tracking and monitoring

  • Agent Attendance : Manual/ Automated Check-in and check-outs
  • Geo Tracking and Geo-fencing: Automate team monitoring by utilizing geo-tracking and geo-fencing. Live-track your agents’ attendance, check-ins, and check-outs. Geo-fencing restricts check-ins and meeting notes to the actual physical location, preventing fraudulent updates.
  • Agent Day Plan: Optimize field agents’ schedules by prioritizing meetings, tasks, and planning routes for maximum efficiency and productivity in their daily activities.
  • Payout Management: Automate calculation of correct payouts by monitoring and tracking agent attendance and distance covered via location tracking.

Field sales automation

  • Lead assignment : Automatically assign leads to field sales teams based on proximity, reducing response time with automated notifications. This ensures optimal agent assignments, minimizing missed meetings or follow-ups for enhanced customer assistance.
  • Route Planning and Optimisation: Automate day and route planning to maximize field team productivity. The system automates the entire day’s schedule and devises optimal travel routes. It enables viewing nearby leads, ensuring more meetings per visit. A well-planned day translates to heightened productivity for the team.
  • Proactive Field Engagement: Enable real-time and location-based alerts for field reps, ensuring immediate attention to new leads, schedule changes, urgent client requests, and efficient visit planning based on proximity to leads or specific locations.

Sales planning and Performance management

Goal Setting

Set sales targets, quotas, and objectives for individuals or teams, aligning them with broader organizational goals.

Predictive Forecasting

Utilize predictive forecasting to set company-wide and individual targets based on historical data. Generate accurate revenue forecasts leveraging real-time insights.

Performance Management

Set ambitious sales targets, track progress, and make data-driven decisions to achieve goals. Further, reward your team through incentive management and drive performance using gamification

Pipeline Management

Visual representations of the sales pipeline, allowing teams to track and manage leads through various stages, ensuring a clear view of deals in progress.

Analytics and Reports

Rahul Nagre VP, TalentServe

Amoga has played a significant role in streamlining processes and fueling the growth of TalentServe, our Edtech company. With AMOGA's intuitive interface, managing customer relationships and tracking sales progress has become effortless. Automation of sales and marketing processes has allowed us to focus on high-value activities, resulting in significant business growth.

Swapnil S. VP, Credable

Since integrating Amoga into our ecosystem, our cross-functional teams have experienced improved efficiency in tracking portfolio governance, leading to enhanced turnaround time and visibility. We highly appreciate Amoga's customized and flexible services, tailored to our unique requirements, which we value greatly. The agility and quality of the services delivered are commendable.

Anuragi Raman Co-Founder & CEO - CollegeDoors

Amoga has proven very helpful to us. Its intuitive interface empowers our sales team to effortlessly manage and track leads, follow up with prospects, and close deals, resulting in a notable sales process improvement. What sets Amoga apart is their team's responsiveness to our evolving needs. We appreciate their commitment to continuously enhancing the product's efficiency and effectiveness.

Hema Bansal Co-Founder & Joint Managing partner, HJA & Associates LLP

I am delighted to share my testimonial as a satisfied user of Amoga : Have been using their software for last 5 months and the Collaboration and communication within my team have been greatly enhanced through. The software facilitates seamless sharing of information, task assignment, and progress tracking, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and projects are executed flawlessly. I can surely experience a significant shift in the efficiency and effectiveness of my teams because of them using AMOGA. The intuitive interface and seamless user experience made it effortless to navigate and harness the full potential of the software. I thank the team at AMOGA for introducing us with such a great software…

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