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Amoga for
Financial Services

Accelerate the creation and deployment of digital financial services through automated workflows and seamless customer journey orchestration with Amoga. Quickly build custom applications to streamline workflows, ensure compliance, assess risk, and enhance customer engagement.

How Amoga is revolutionizing the finance industry

Financial service operations are facing challenges maintaining data in spreadsheets, email, and legacy core systems. Amoga, the low-code work platform, accelerates digital transformation by streamlining processes, automating tasks, enhancing customer experiences, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Finance professionals can build applications for customer onboarding, loan processing, risk assessment, and more, reducing manual work and errors.

Easy-to-build Low Code Finance Applications

Easily build your ideal workflow with Amoga's building blocks.


Streamline customer onboarding with an efficient process and gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your clients, including their previous interactions with your bank. Simplify customer profile management, automate the onboarding process.


Simplify the loan application process by automating loan origination, which includes underwriting and verification. Organize the lending workflow to ensure exceptional customer service, automate customer reminders.​


Ensure in-depth verification of loan application data with flexible checklists and automated review/approval workflows. Integrate with various data sources to verify the information provided by borrowers, including credit.

Key Advantages of Using Low Code in Financial Services

Easily build your ideal workflow with Amoga's building blocks.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

With Amoga, manufacturers can implement real-time monitoring and reporting systems. This ensures better visibility into production, inventory, and quality control, allowing for quick decision-making and issue resolution.

Better Risk Management

Implementing quality control measures is essential in manufacturing. Amoga enables the creation of applications for quality checks, inspections, and defect tracking, ensuring that products meet high-quality standards

Enhanced User Experience

By automating processes and reducing the need for manual labor, Amoga helps manufacturers cut operational costs, increase resource utilization, and enhance overall cost-efficiency.

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Features of our low-code work platform

Tailor-made solutions precisely engineered for each aspect of your team's needs.

See how we redefine the standards of application development and task management,
making them intuitive and streamlined like never before.

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