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Achieve more together

A shared workspace for your team to organize and collaborate on work in real-time from anywhere.

Achieve more together with Amoga Workboard

A shared workspace for your team to organize and collaborate on work in real-time from anywhere.

Card Deck Example

Intuitive visualizations​

Visualize your work processes using any of the customizable workboard views that we offer. Use these views to quickly understand the progress towards your goals and identify roadblocks before they paralyse your team.​

Real-time collaboration​

Acheiving your goals is a team effort, work too needs to be the same. Amoga's Workboards allow you and your team to work together update the status of workitems for your projects or initiatives. ​

Never miss a task​

Utilize Amoga's workboards to visualize all your tasks in a graphical format of your choice. Directly drill down to individual tasks and ensure that every action item gets the attention and dedication it deserves.​

Board View

Customizable Board Views

Customize your workboard and view work the way you want with Amoga's multiple views. Easily Organize and streamline all your workflows in your preferred format.

  • List - Sort, filter, and group data based on specific criteria and gain a comprehensive overview of project status, task completion, start and end dates in a tabular format.
  • Kanban - Add, edit, and organize tasks with customizable statuses and color-coded cards to stay on top of your projects.
  • Calendar - Create, edit, or delete events directly on the calendar, and have a clear visual overview of upcoming deadlines, milestones, or events associated with the tasks on the board.
  • Gantt - Set up tasks with a start and end date, and visualize tasks on a bar chart and dependencies between two consecutive tasks.

Filter & Sorting

Custom filter for seamless use

Get 360° visibility of your team’s priorities and progress in Amoga's workboard. Easily sort and filter tasks for your team members and let them know what are in priorities, when it’ll be finished, and what’s planned down the line.

  • Custom Filter - Use Boolean operators to create custom filters. Create views which filter out tasks according to rules that you set.
  • Group By - Use group by to group tasks by a certain attribute. See your most important tasks on the go.
  • Sort By - Sort your tasks by any attribute in ascending or descending order. Prioritize your work with ease by using sort.

Collaborate in real-time

See everyone’s activity and enable all your team members to work together or edit simultaneously in one document using Amoga's workboards in real-time. Brainstorm ideas, and tag persons in the same document so that ownership is clear even when you’re far apart.

  • Comment - Add comments to the task and start a discussion right there. Gather inputs in one place and quickly catch up on the latest changes.
  • @mention - Start conversations related to the project or tasks to make important decisions together. Increase accountability and escalate issues with ease using @mention.
  • Attachments - Add documents relevant to tasks and access them from the workboard. Anyone who needs these documents can quickly find them without having to deal with permissions.

Notifications and Alerts

Get notified on important events

Stay up-to-date with your team's progress and never miss a beat with notification and alert feature. Get instant notifications for work item updates, including comments, status changes, and due dates, keeping you in the loop and in control of your tasks and projects.

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