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Upgrade your EdTech infrastructure and build custom apps faster with Amoga. Streamline complex operations, manage vast data securely, and promote engaging learning environments to sustainably meet the ever-growing demands of students, faculty, and staff.

How Amoga is revolutionizing the edtech industry

The education industry is booming, with a surge in institutions and education-related products. To meet the demand for efficient processes, Amoga, a low-code work platform, can be the right solution to streamline application development, elevate customer engagement, and drive revenue growth for EdTech organizations. Amoga enables EdTech entities to efficiently craft tailored sales management applications for lead generation, tracking, and conversion. Automation capabilities facilitate lead nurturing through personalized reminders, ultimately enhancing conversion rates.

Easy-to-build Low Code EdTech Applications

Easily build your ideal workflow with Amoga's building blocks.


Achieve comprehensive course visibility and foster collaboration between educators and students. Simplify course creation and management, including assignments and assessments, within the app. Implement automation.


Enhance lead-to-opportunity conversion rates by consolidating lead-generation channels such as websites, landing pages, and social media into a unified platform. Establish a database to store lead details, enabling seamless tracking.


Efficiently monitor student attendance by enabling them to check in through the platform, producing real-time records, and reducing manual data entry errors. Implement automated reminders and notifications for students.

Key Advantages of using Amoga in the Manufacturing Sector

Easily build your ideal workflow with Amoga's building blocks.

Resource optimization

Efficiently manage administrative tasks like student data, course scheduling, and grading, leading to cost savings and optimized resource allocation.

Optimized Sales Approach

Enable efficient lead prioritization, helping your sales team focus on the most promising prospects. This enhances sales strategies by directing efforts where they're most likely to succeed.

Personalized Learning

Foster an engaging and effective learning environment by customizing the learning experience to match individual student needs and learning styles, resulting in improved comprehension and retention.

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Features of our low-code work platform

Tailor-made solutions precisely engineered for each aspect of your team's needs.

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