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Amoga for EdTech

Upgrade your EdTech infrastructure and build custom apps faster with Amoga. Streamline complex operations, manage vast data securely, and promote engaging learning environments to sustainably meet the ever-growing demands of students, faculty, and staff.

EdTech Industry

How Amoga is
revolutionizing the edtech

The education industry is booming, with a surge in institutions and education-related products. To meet the demand for efficient processes, Amoga, a low-code work platform, can be the right solution to streamline application development, elevate customer engagement, and drive revenue growth for EdTech organizations. Amoga enables EdTech entities to efficiently craft tailored sales management applications for lead generation, tracking, and conversion. Automation capabilities facilitate lead nurturing through personalized reminders, ultimately enhancing conversion rates. This empowers EdTech businesses to prioritize innovation and deliver outstanding customer experiences, positioning them for success in the rapidly evolving industry.

Easy-to-build Low Code EdTech Applications

Course Management

Achieve comprehensive course visibility and foster collaboration between educators and students. Simplify course creation and management, including assignments and assessments, within the app. Implement automation for data collection and real-time analysis, offering insights into student engagement and comprehension. Develop feedback mechanisms that empower instructors to provide personalized guidance, enriching the learning journey. Automatically generate and share reports with students and administrators to ensure transparency and gain valuable insights into student progress and the overall effectiveness of the course.

Lead Management

Enhance lead-to-opportunity conversion rates by consolidating lead-generation channels such as websites, landing pages, and social media into a unified platform. Establish a database to store lead details, enabling seamless tracking from the initial contact to a sales-qualified lead. Implement automated workflows for timely reminders, notifications, and follow-up emails during the admissions process to ensure efficiency. Additionally, leverage reporting tools to monitor lead sources, campaign effectiveness, and conversion stages, enabling data-driven decisions for optimized lead management strategies.

Attendance Management

Efficiently monitor student attendance by enabling them to check in through the platform, producing real-time records, and reducing manual data entry errors. Implement automated reminders and notifications for students, automatically alerting them about due dates, assignments, and classes, ultimately offering a more seamless educational experience. Moreover, develop personalized reporting and analytics dashboards for educators and administrators to access attendance insights, encompassing individual student attendance and class averages, allowing them to address issues like frequent absences or punctuality challenges.

Billing and Collection Management

Effortlessly optimize online transactions by seamlessly integrating your application with the current payment gateway. This facilitates transactions like fee collection and salary payments directly from the app, simplifying student account management and guaranteeing accurate billing and fee collection. Streamline communication by automating email alerts and notifications to remind students of upcoming tuition and fee due dates, reducing administrative burdens. Additionally, generate informative reports on payment trends, outstanding balances, and revenue forecasts, enabling institutions to make data-driven decisions for enhanced financial strategies.

Key Advantages of using Amoga in the Manufacturing Sector

Resource optimization

Efficiently manage administrative tasks like student data, course scheduling, and grading, leading to cost savings and optimized resource allocation.

Optimized Sales Approach

Enable efficient lead prioritization, helping your sales team focus on the most promising prospects. This enhances sales strategies by directing efforts where they're most likely to succeed.

Personalized Learning

Foster an engaging and effective learning environment by customizing the learning experience to match individual student needs and learning styles, resulting in improved comprehension and retention.

Features of our low-code work platform

low-code and manufacturing industry

Workflow Automation

Robust automation capabilities that allow you to trigger actions based on specific events, enabling geo-locations and report generation for quality decision-making.

Visual UI Builder

Drag-and-drop interface and a library of prebuilt templates to build and deliver apps faster, reducing development time.

Data Security

Built-in security features, including user authentication and role-based access control, ensure that your sensitive information remains safeguarded and accessible only to authorized users.

Rahul Nagre VP, TalentServe

Amoga has played a significant role in streamlining processes and fueling the growth of TalentServe, our Edtech company. With AMOGA's intuitive interface, managing customer relationships and tracking sales progress has become effortless. Automation of sales and marketing processes has allowed us to focus on high-value activities, resulting in significant business growth.

Swapnil S. VP, Credable

Since integrating Amoga into our ecosystem, our cross-functional teams have experienced improved efficiency in tracking portfolio governance, leading to enhanced turnaround time and visibility. We highly appreciate Amoga's customized and flexible services, tailored to our unique requirements, which we value greatly. The agility and quality of the services delivered are commendable.

Anuragi Raman Co-Founder & CEO - CollegeDoors

Amoga has proven very helpful to us. Its intuitive interface empowers our sales team to effortlessly manage and track leads, follow up with prospects, and close deals, resulting in a notable sales process improvement. What sets Amoga apart is their team's responsiveness to our evolving needs. We appreciate their commitment to continuously enhancing the product's efficiency and effectiveness.

Hema Bansal Co-Founder & Joint Managing partner, HJA & Associates LLP

I am delighted to share my testimonial as a satisfied user of Amoga : Have been using their software for last 5 months and the Collaboration and communication within my team have been greatly enhanced through. The software facilitates seamless sharing of information, task assignment, and progress tracking, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and projects are executed flawlessly. I can surely experience a significant shift in the efficiency and effectiveness of my teams because of them using AMOGA. The intuitive interface and seamless user experience made it effortless to navigate and harness the full potential of the software. I thank the team at AMOGA for introducing us with such a great software…

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