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Build modern, extensible, and scalable apps

With Amoga, you can:

  • Create custom applications and software solutions quickly.
  • Automate business processes, streamlining operational efficiency.
  • Simplify complex workflows with process management software.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and third party applications.

The Perfect Low Code Platform For You

Amoga s low code work platform helps you quickly develop apps customized to your organization and can run any business software you need.

  • Faster Time to Market.
  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Higher Team Productivity.

Explore Amoga's power packed features that will help
your team succeed.

App Studio

Build applications in a snap without compromising on quality or functionality with Amoga. Our low-code app studio allows you to effortlessly incorporate complex workflows into your app, eliminating the need for painful setups and integrations.

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Process Management

Creating new workflows is now easier than ever before with Amoga’s workflow designer. Our graphical interface provides a high-level graphical view of your workflows, with a representation of conditional logic, enabling you to design workflows quickly with a point & click creation.

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Streamline your business processes without getting trapped in coding complexities using our workflow automation. Amoga’s workflow engine lets you set up the right triggers for corresponding actions and create tailored workflows that align perfectly with your unique business needs.

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BI & Dashboard

Design quickly & easily interactive dashboards that provide real time insights into your team’s performance, project status and key metrics. With our dashboard builder, you can create relevant dashboards in minutes. Add any number of charts, widgets, and pivot tables to understand your data and pinpoint any trends or changes in customer behavior as it happens.

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Solutions for every industries

Build and deploy custom industry solutions efficiently with a low-code platform and empower your business by simplifying complex development challenges.

low-code and manufacturing industry

Connect all your tools and work efficiently

With 100+ integrations available on Amoga, centralize all your workflows in one platform.