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Accelerate the creation and deployment of logistic apps through automated workflows and seamless customer journey orchestration with Amoga. Quickly build custom applications to streamline workflows, ensure compliance, assess risk, and enhance customer engagement.

How Amoga is revolutionizing the logistic industry

The logistics sector involves multiple tiers and diverse participants. To guarantee seamless communication and efficient distribution, logisticians require a centralized system that can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time. With Amoga, logistics firms can increase efficiency and improve operational effectiveness with reduced costs. Our low-code platform streamlines operations, optimizes inventory management and automates crucial decision-making processes. It generates ordering forms, calculates stock levels across the supply chain, and enhances supplier performance reporting. By enabling real-time access to essential data, Amoga is reshaping the logistics landscape and helping companies stay ahead in this competitive industry.

Easy-to-build Low Code Logistic Applications

Easily build your ideal workflow with Amoga's building blocks.


Improve delivery processes with the full insight into real-time fleet performance and timely contingency management. Optimize driver schedules and work orders to address changing customer demands while ensuring timely fulfillment.


Ensure accurate generation of quotes and invoices based on single-source service, rates, and other business data. Keep service and rate information in sync via a digital catalog, easily create service packages that factor in different price lists, margins, discounts.


Streamline customer and partner support via omnichannel helpdesk and self-service portals, ensuring fast problem resolution and feedback loop. Assign work orders, coordinate schedules of field service engineers, and keep in touch with your filed staff via integrated scheduling.

Key Advantages of using Amoga in the Logistic Sector

Easily build your ideal workflow with Amoga's building blocks.

Efficient Tracking

Boost safety through real-time tracking and data analytics in logistics. Low-code empowers the creation of custom apps for monitoring vehicles and shipments, enabling informed decisions and proactive safety measures.

Streamlined operations

Automate operational processes with low-code solutions. build custom applications that automatically schedule deliveries, generate invoices, and trigger alerts for shipments when shipments are ready for pickup.

Informed Decision-Making

Build custom live dashboards for transport companies with low-code solutions, offering real-time insights into delivery schedules, container locations, customs statuses, inventory levels, and more.

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Features of our low-code work platform

Tailor-made solutions precisely engineered for each aspect of your team's needs.

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