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Enhance Organizational Efficiency with
Amoga Custom ERP

No-compromise end-to-end automation to boost your productivity.

Sales & Order Management

Inventory & Material Management

Production Planning & Control

Vendor Performance & Compliance

Reporting & Analytics

Payment & Invoicing

Fulfilment & Tracking

Custom Workflow

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Sales & Order Management

Customer & Order Management

Efficiently manage every customer interaction and order detail. This system captures essential customer information, oversees complex pricing strategies, and simplifies the creation and monitoring of orders through automation, ensuring a seamless entry process from start to finish

Dynamic Pricing

Adapt pricing in real-time to meet market demands. This feature offers the flexibility to adjust pricing structures and apply automated discounts, optimizing sales strategies and customer satisfaction

Fulfillment & Tracking

Ensure product availability and delivery transparency. Keep a close eye on inventory levels, follow orders through every stage of delivery, and manage backorders with precision, ensuring customers are always informed and satisfied

Payment & Invoicing

Streamline financial transactions with automation and security. Automatically generate invoices and seamlessly integrate with secure, reliable payment gateways, simplifying the checkout process for both business and customer

Order Modifications & Returns

Offer flexible post-purchase options to enhance customer loyalty. Make it easy for customers to edit orders, process returns, and handle refunds efficiently, fostering trust and encouraging repeat business through a customer-centric approach

The Work OS that lets you shape workflows, your way

Boost your team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity by
customizing any workflow to fit your needs.

Inventory Management

Optimize procurement, inventory control, and utilization for production.

Production Planning & Control

Enhance production efficiency.

Vendor Performance

Craft custom processes for high-value deals. Gain real-time insights, boost upselling & cross-selling. Track progress with Deal View, Pipelines, Stages & Quotes

Analytics & Reports

Set goals, forecast accurately, manage performance & track progress with pipelines. Motivate your team through incentives & gamification. Empower your sales force with data-driven insights to achieve ambitious goals, close more deals, and ultimately maximize revenue.

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End to end products to run the core of your business

Tailor-made solutions precisely engineered for each aspect of your team's needs.

Sales CRM


For professionals and teams to streamline sales processes & optimize sales performance

Manage tasks, projects, and processes to fuel collaboration and efficiency at scale.

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Service CRM


For professionals and teams to improve customer experience with Amoga Service CRM

Supercharge your team to deliver differentiated Customer Experience.

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Process Automation


For professionals and teams to optimize workflows and improve productivity

Cutting edge workflow automation with seamless

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See how we redefine the standards of application development and task management,
making them intuitive and streamlined like never before.

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