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Stay Aligned, Stay Focused

Accelerate business growth with Amoga's Goal management

Stay Aligned, Stay Focused

Accelerate business growth with Amoga's Goal management

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Connected with work

Process and Productivity data from your apps are integrated with your goals management with ease. Allowing you to plan, measure progress and achieve results all on Amoga.

Clarity of work through alignment

Improve the quality of decisions your employees make by setting clear goals and targets. Reduce unproductive work from the team and increase the productivity.

Increased Commitment from the team

Employees are more engaged and productive when clear goals are set and success is well defined. Watch your team take more aligned decisions at the ground level.


Assign goals & set clear targets

Create goals for your organization with different types of targets. Amoga offers multiple target types like Number, Percentage, Currency, and Days, so you can create every type of goals that you need. Assign these goals to owners and/or business units in a few clicks. Drive transparency and alignment with our Goal Management software.


Automate progress tracking

Integrate your work apps and goals tracking by linking KPIs. Forget about the days of doing work on one software and updating progress on another. Linking KPIs allows you to view the progress from associated work in real-time. This allows you to use Amoga is a single source of truth as manual errors are eliminated.

Enable cross-functional collaboration

Promote teamwork and drive success with a collaborative goal management platform. Align your teams' individual tasks with the company's larger goals and visualize the total progress made. Foster engagement by tagging relevant individuals using @mentions in the comment section of objectives.

Manage Goals


Manage goals in one place

Managing multiple goals and initiatives that contribute to them can easily get confusing to track. We have added filters with Boolean operators so anyone can easily find the relevant goals and their associated tasks. Users can also view goals assign.

Goal management made easy. Want to know more?