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Make every project a success story

Efficiently manage your projects from start to finish, and streamline communication in one centralized place.

Make every project a success story

Efficiently manage your projects from start to finish, and streamline communication in one centralized place.

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Streamline task and time management

Project management software empowers everyone to manage tasks efficiently. You can assign tasks, track progress, set deadlines, and prioritize activities effortlessly to ensure timely completion of project milestones.

Stay organized with project hierarchy

Project management software makes organizing tasks and projects effortless. Its project hierarchy feature allows you to create a structured framework with parent projects and sub-projects and control access permissions, deciding who can view and edit each project.

Get holistic views of projects

Project management software offers a comprehensive view of the project's progress and interdependencies between tasks and team members in one place. This holistic visibility enables better decision-making and successful project delivery.

A robust project management solution

Manage projects

Effortlessly organize projects

Project planning can be complex and time-consuming. Amoga's project management software enables you to create detailed project plans, define tasks, set timelines, and allocate resources. This streamlines the planning process, ensuring clarity and organization from the start.

Simplify Tasks

Manage and prioritize tasks

Along with projects, assigning tasks and tracking work progress on subtasks is essential to ensure the project is delivered on time. Amoga helps you simplify complex tasks by breaking them down into subtasks, setting priorities, and tracking progress. By adding start and due dates, Amoga ensures a clear distribution of responsibilities and enables efficient project management.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Effortlessly communicate and collaborate

Collaboration can be challenging in large teams, resulting in miscommunication, duplicated efforts, and project delays. Amoga simplifies collaboration by allowing you to add task comments, share documents, and use @mentions for assigning action items and discussing task-related issues in real-time with your team members.


Automate recurring tasks

Without automation, teams may face challenges in creating new tasks, assigning them, and sending timely notifications and alerts. Amoga's task automation feature solves this by allowing users to define rules and set trigger-action and conditions for automatically carrying out a series of actions without any manual intervention to reduce project delays.

Dashboards and Reporting

Unlock real-time insights

A lack of real-time data can hinder effective decision-making and delay project completion. Amoga's real-time project dashboard provides instant visibility into progress using visually stunning graphs, images, and charts. It helps address issues promptly and keeps projects on track for timely completion.

Effortlessly track work with advanced board views

View tasks in the List view and understand where all your work stands at a glance by organizing tasks with flexible sorting, filtering, and grouping options.

Project Management - List View

Empower your team to self-manage and prioritize tasks on the Kanban board by marking them as inprogress, todo, or completed to keep your projects moving on time.

Project management - Kanban View

Manage your work and team in a single place on a calendar. Drag and drop tasks or bugs and schedule events easily in the calendar to keep everyone in the loop.

Project Management - Calendar View

Visualize each project or task within a set of timelines with a gantt view. Simply adjust due dates, dependencies, and details in seconds with a simple drag-and-drop action and get insight into project status and details at-a-glance.

Project management - Gannt View

Elevate your project management game

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