5 Ways to Enhance Employee Productivity 

enhance employee productivity

Few managers would agree that, in the aftermath of the pandemic, they have faced challenges with employee productivity because of various factors including low morale, employee disengagement, and lack of inspiration. Creating an inspiring environment that is conducive to productivity is easier said than done.  

There are a multitude of benefits arising out of employee productivity. This is the reason why it is on the business agenda these days. If the workforce is productive, the business-

  • Becomes competitive and stays competitive.  
  • Grows multifold, becomes nimble and highly profitable.  
  • Lowers operational costs and optimizes available resources.  
  • Reduces employee burnouts and increases employee engagements.  
  • Improves customer service and experience.  

How to improve employee productivity in a hybrid work setup  

  1. Greater Autonomy  
    Autonomy in the workplace refers to how much freedom employees must do their jobs, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Traditional companies have always felt the need for micromanagement; however, studies suggest a certain degree of autonomy helps the workforce to make their own mistakes, learn from them and instill the culture of innovation. When the workforce is given freedom associated with autonomy, job satisfaction automatically rises.  

  2. Promote Transparency  
    Did you know productivity can be increased by promoting transparency in an organization? A business ecosystem that promotes transparency is conducive to higher employee productivity. Transparency is a crucial step to gaining employees’ trust and getting them on the same page as the business. Transparency doesn’t equate to sharing all confidential information. It’s finding the right balance between both to empower employees with information they need to be the best version of themselves.

  3. Allow flexibility  
    Allow schedules that promote a healthy work-life balance that leads to employee productivity. 

    According to Gallup, “53% of employees say a role that allows them to have greater work-life balance and better personal well-being is very important to them.” 

    If your company operates on a 9-5 schedule, check with the HR department to come up with recommendations to accommodate employees’ personal needs. When employees are offered flexible work schedules or good vacation policies, their need to take unnecessary sick leave reduces and they feel that their needs are placed first, thereby encouraging them to give their best.

  4. Facilitate collaboration  
    The need for communication at a workplace cannot be overstated in a hybrid work environment. International Business Research found that low staff morale and low motivation can negatively affect competitiveness and productivity.  As humans, we crave positive and healthy bonds and connections. With diminishing boundaries of a physical workplace, it is even more important to facilitate social interactions to enhance loyalty as well productivity at work.  

  5. Prioritize employee well-being  
    Consider a workforce wellness program, for instance. Creating a wellness program that aligns with your company’s culture will show employees that you’re dedicated to carrying out a unified mission with the employees’ needs embedded in that mission. Companies should develop strategies to customize programs as per the participants to ensure the program is a success. The program should be voluntary so that you do not end up alienating employees in the pursuit of a healthiness program. When employees are in control of workload, they can be more in control of their lives, having time for exercise, cooking healthy food, resting, and relaxing.   

To wrap up

The main concerns for most companies with high-growth trajectories include low morale and employee disengagement, along with the lack of inspiration in the workplace. To combat these challenges, it is necessary to create an inspiring environment that is conducive to productivity and key to avoiding the risk of losing your current workforce while attracting new ones. Implementing tips mentioned above can help create a culture of productivity for high-achieving teams because quality output equals quality outcomes. 

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