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Enhance teams' performance - Transform Work

Companies which create environments based on transparency, openness, learning, and development are ultimately more competitive. Therefore, as a business leader, you need to create a distinct environment by gamifying work with a set of rules, boundaries, structure, and systems that people will abide by and also allowing them to explore, experiment and grow professionally.

transform work


  • Simplify tasks, remove work clutter and ambiguity by unifying work in interactive workboards.
  • Implement process management and automate complex processes with low-code/no-code functionality.
  • Foster a sense of achievement along with a sense of progression and learning between employees by gamifying work.

Business success largely depends on the effectiveness of process management. As companies grow, complexity spreads across the business, where business managers and leaders are being challenged to make faster and better decisions with the 'do more with less' concept. This is why companies are embracing Business Process Management (BPM) to simplify complex processes. BPM works by reengineering business processes, end-to-end and improving overall organizational performance by optimizing and streamlining business operations.

Mitigate confusion and uncertainty by breaking work into atomic tasks

In today's decentralized business environment, people rely on tools like email or to-do apps to organize, manage, track, and complete tasks. It is because some tasks are complex and time-consuming, leading to action paralysis and procrastination on the user's part. Breaking complex tasks into simple atomic tasks gives employees a high-level view of all tasks, subtasks, and dependencies. It becomes easy for the team members to understand better by including additional steps in the process guides to complete the task.

Avoid work clutter and make everything visual in one centralized space. The board views (List, Excel, kanban, Gantt) allow everyone in the organization to see the information at-a-glance by unifying all your work in one centralized place. As managers and leaders, easily organize your work like sticky notes and move across sections to get an overview of projects and tasks from start to finish without getting lost in the shuffle.

Scorecard – The blueprint for hitting individual goals

Statistics say that organizations that understand the importance of a scorecard often do much better than those without a strategy-based performance management approach. So, how do you measure an employee's performance within their role in your organization? The business world has recognized the scorecard as a promising performance management tool that helps organizations reorganize business objectives by measuring daily output and outcome results. Scorecard provides better visibility by showing who's on track and who needs feedback by creating a system of autonomy and transparency. When employees and team members know how they are doing and what needs improvement, they do better.

Level-up – Apply behaviour science to achieve extraordinary

Game theories bring awesome results when applied correctly. Mobile games or video games present the challenge-stress appropriately such that players are not only excited to play games, but become experts, even doing mundane tasks. Similarly, work is presented in growth levels, which are achievable with little effort and challenge. Eventually, the continuous progress gives a sense of achievement and encourages employees to break the boundary.

Experience the power of low-code

Amoga enables you to design and develop custom applications with simple drag & drop without any coding. Our intuitive and fully customizable platform lets you simplify complex workflows.